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Your vehicle is made of numerous intricate parts including several coils and coil accessories. The ignition system works so well because the performance coils output the voltage necessary to jump your spark plug gap. So, when it's time to replace your coil or anything else within your ignition system, AutoZone has the solution.

Mile after mile and year after year, your coils are subjected to heat and high voltage, which can wear them down and cause ignition failure. Consisting of two main parts - heavy-gauge wire and small-gauge wire, ignition coils are complex and must be running properly to relay the spark to your spark plugs. Electrical currents from the battery build up in the primary winding and a magnetic field is produced when your internal contact breaker is closed. When the breaker opens, the magnetic field rapidly collapses and induces a large voltage in the secondary winding, which is sent through the distributor and to the spark plugs. To receive that powerful startup as you turn the key, all of the above needs to work smoothly. When it's time to replace coils or any performance coil accessories, AutoZone is your one-stop-shop to get your ride up and running faster than ever.

Different vehicles require different components and accessories. We stock a variety of custom-fit coils and coil accessories for your specific year, make and model. Whether you need new Wrangler performance coils or performance coils for Accord, we have you covered. Plus, utilize Same Day Store Pickup to grab your parts today.