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Just like a gun, if your ignition system is missing the spark generation and the firing time is off, there's no quick startup for your vehicle. Your control unit regulates the spark and firing time, so if you notice yours start to go awry, AutoZone has the specific performance control unit replacement for your ride.

Like many other components on your vehicle, heat and age can get the best of your ignition control unit. If you notice misfiring, intermittent stumbling or your engine can't start when it's cold, you have a failed ignition control module on your hands. Upgrade your ignition control units and receive a strong spark to boost your vehicle's performance. We carry everything from programmers and control modules to MAP sensors and ignition system controls- when it's time to elevate your performance, we have you covered. AutoZone has the ignition solutions you need if your components turn faulty.

No matter your car, truck or SUV, we stock the custom-fit component for your specific year, make and model. From a new Ford Mustang performance control unit to a performance control unit for Camaro, we have you covered. Plus, take advantage of Same Day Store Pickup to start your repair today.