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You never have to worry about engine failure again once you've got a properly working distributor in place. Give your vehicle an extra boost by choosing a customized distributor from AutoZone. Whether you need a new distributor or you just want to take preventative measures, AutoZone has everything you need when it's time to upgrade.

A worn-out or improperly set distributor can render a vehicle inoperable, and there are several ways you can tell if your distributor that needs replacing. Inspect the distributor cap carefully to see how the sparks are arcing. Check to make sure that the external and internal surfaces of the cap are clean - if there's erosion on the surface or rust and corrosion on the firing points, it's time to replace your distributor. Also check to make sure that the rotor is in great condition, since this is the point where high-tension sparks move from one distributor cap to another. The rotor should have a secure fit, and it should be checked for traces of carbon, as well as burns. If you notice a slight build-up of carbon inside the distributor, this could short out the coil voltage and ultimately result in a misfire in the spark plugs. A surefire sign that your distributor needs replacing is if you see any cracks or carbon traces in the distributor cap.

To determine if you need a new distributor, you can also inspect the condenser, the contact points and the arc. A broken wire lead can cause the condenser to open, which can result in point arcing, burn and, ultimately, a stalled engine. Bad point connections can lead to multiple engine problems, including engine overrun, timing issues and failure to start. If the contacts look worn-out or have eroded-or if you notice corrosion and degradation-it's time to replace these parts. Finally, by checking each wire on the distributor while your ignition's turned on, you can expose any faulty connection or misfiring.

Don't let a damaged distributor spoil your day - instead, stop by your local AutoZone and ask our friendly staff about distributors for your specific vehicle. We feature a wide variety of distributors for various makes and models, such as a Toyota Camry distributor, so you're sure to find the perfect match for your ride. You can also enjoy a great selection of high-quality distributors from some of the industry's top brands when you browse our line-up. Take advantage of AutoZone's Same-Day Store Pick-up policy when you order online, or benefit from the additional savings of Free Shipping program.