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There are many components that must work flawlessly for your ignition to spark and create a strong startup. Regular inspections and timely routine maintenance can help you determine when to turn to AutoZone for high-quality performance ignition parts.

Like any other machine or system, every component in your ignition system must work smoothly so other parts can fulfill their tasks. Ignition accessories - from distributor caps, rotors and points to wiring, sensors and connectors - should be replaced periodically due to wear and tear overtime. Inspections and regular maintenance can extend the longevity of your components, but when you need to replace them altogether, AutoZone has the solution for a quick fix. You can get back on the road in no time with top-notch products like crank triggers, electrical wire connectors, fuse blocks and other performance ignition accessories.

When it's time to replace ignition parts or accessories, we have the right custom-designed products for your specific ride. Whether you require new Chevy Camaro performance ignition parts, performance ignition for Mustang or anything in between, AutoZone has your back. Check out with Same Day Store Pickup to start your project today.