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The condition and amount of air that's being sucked into your ride on a daily basis has unbound effects on the way your engine performs. When that air is filtered through a beautifully-engineered filter and sent through an intake system, it breathes new life into your vehicle while revealing hidden power. Release the pent-up acceleration potential and let your horsepower gains run free with one of AutoZone's performance intake systems.

Whether it's loaded full of passengers, towing or just standard driving, your ride pushes out a major extent of effort on a daily basis to get you from point A to point B. Installing one of AutoZone's performance intake systems unearths the power potential that's been hiding in your engine, with benefits ranging from increased horsepower to noticeable fuel economy improvement. Your vehicle's performance intake consists of several components, letting you do something as simple as updating your stock filter or stepping up to the game-changer - a cold air intake system. These systems are your solution to maximum air flow, unbelievable power gains and better fuel economy, with installation as easy as clamping and connecting your mass air flow sensor.

Upgrading to a performance intake system is a no-brainer for extraordinary power gains. From a Chevy Silverado performance intake system to a performance intake for Mustang, AutoZone's got your back with an array of filters, valves and whatever else you need for intake system install. Witness a new level of performance today when you order online and select Same Day Store Pickup to grab your new intake system from your local AutoZone.