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If you're running a marathon, chances are you'll avoid sprinting through dust, small insects and auto emissions to keep your lungs pushing clean oxygen to your system. Your vehicle doesn't have much of a choice on the road, but you do have the opportunity to supply the cleanest air for optimal performance output. Give your daily driver the clean air it needs with a new performance air intake or filter from AutoZone.

Upgrading the air filtration system in your vehicle has astounding benefits to the overall performance you experience with each drive. A new performance air filter is not only a majorly simple install but also an easy modification to boost horsepower and acceleration rate. The longevity is another area of ingenuity - pre-oiled filters typically last up to 50,000 miles before they need cleaning. Performance air intake installation has never been so accessible with AutoZone's large selection of tubes and air duct hoses to give your engine an even bulkier boost of energy. With the straightforwardness of this upgrade, it's hard to pass on such an easy way to uncover your ride's full power potential.

Like most components, each performance air filter is specific to the vehicle it's being put into. AutoZone has the parts and tools you need to make your performance air filter installation a breeze, from Mustang air filter accessories to tools for an air intake installation for Tahoe. Selecting Same Day Store Pickup when your order from AutoZone online means you can experience a recharged drive today when you pick up your new air filter at the store nearest you.