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With a constant desire to unleash your ride's fullest performance potential, it's more important than ever to invest in quality parts that are guaranteed to deliver results and built to last. One of the most prominent mods is installing a performance intake manifold. AutoZone has the lightweight aluminum intake manifolds you need to certify an enhanced feel to your ride.

Upgrading your intake manifold can dramatically improve the performance of your ride. As a key player in your internal combustion engine, a performance intake manifold has the duty of distributing the precise air/fuel mixture to each of your engine's cylinders. A faulty inlet manifold is evident when your engine is putting in overtime to make up for poor air/fuel mixtures or when coolant leaks from a failing gasket. Whether you're repairing or upgrading, AutoZone has the intake manifolds and intake manifold accessories to ensure that your engine is getting the correct mixtures it needs while affectedly increasing performance with greater, smoother air intake and less weight sitting under the hood.

Replacing your clunky OEM manifold or carb with a new intake manifold has never been so simple with the inventory and tools provided by AutoZone. Whether it's a Chevy Camaro performance intake manifold, intake manifold for Wrangler or anything in between, we've got you covered with the high-quality parts your vehicle needs. Order with AutoZone online and select Same Day Pickup to start your repairs today. While you're in store, take advantage of our Loan-A-Tool Program to get the job done for less.