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Make sure your seatbelt is buckled, because you're about to throw open the floodgates to insane horsepower and torque generated by forced induction. This process of transferring compressed air to your intake holds untold levels of performance gains, sending your ride into a different realm of power. With a huge selection of superchargers, turbochargers and nitrous kits, AutoZone is your destination for a completely revamped ride.

When implemented after research and proper installation, forced induction can deliver astonishing new levels of enjoyment with a major power increase. This method is simply the easiest and most cost-effective modification to send your horsepower gains through the roof. It's important to know that power adders, while supplying your dream level of rev, also heat your engine therefore a cooling system such as a cold air intake is strongly recommended to pair with any forced induction. AutoZone's here to help, with a large inventory of power components and the expertise to ensure a safe and reliable ride with your power upgrade.

Due to the intricacy of each vehicle's motor, it's crucial to understand what exact power adders and supporting components are needed for your specific ride. If you're looking for power adders for Ford Mustang, Camaro power adders or anything in between, AutoZone is your one-stop-shop for the highest quality parts and the necessary knowledge provided by our experienced staff to get the job done efficiently and safely.