SHOP Shifter and Shift Accessories WITH


Driving stick shift - not only is it more fun, but it's also easier to repair when components break or wear out. AutoZone makes replacing your shifter components even more simple with our wide variety of shift accessories.

You drive a manual transmission because it's less complex and gives you a direct control over your driving. You can choose what gear to be in while driving a manual can even increase your fuel economy. Allow AutoZone to help you take more control and relish in pure performance gains with a high-quality performance shifter. In addition to whole shifters, we also stock performance shifter boots, shift cables, gear shift lever components and other accessories that are necessary when revamping your manual ride. Plus, not only can you protect your components through AutoZone, you can protect your wallet too as we stock our products at affordable prices.

We understand not every car, truck or SUV can utilize the same shifter accessories and components. That's why AutoZone stocks shift products that match OEM specifications. Whether you need new F150 shift accessories, a performance shifter for Chevy Camaro or anything in between, AutoZone has the right replacement parts for the job. Plus, choose Same Day Store Pickup to start your repair today.