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      Rubber Hose

      Durable Rubber Hoses for Your Vehicle 

      Rubber hoses are popular in automotive engineering due to their flexibility and relatively small size. You can shift them around to accommodate new components, and pushing them briefly out of the way when performing vehicle repairs is easy as well. The best rubber hoses for cars and trucks aren't actually made entirely of rubber. They usually combine synthetic rubber layers with flexible mesh, plastic shields and other components to stand up to specific pressures and corrosive elements.

      Design and Construction Are Vital

      Automotive hoses that carry liquids have at least three layers. The outer layer is designed to protect the hose from external damage and environmental factors. Under the hood, this layer resists heat from the engine, road chemicals that may spray up from the highway and other elements. The hose's inner layer is specifically created to resist the type of liquid being transported. Gasoline, oil, refrigerant and power steering fluid all need durable materials that can stand the test of time without cracking or leaking. Hoses also have a middle layer for reinforcement. This is what enables them to meet OEM specifications for pressure and durability.

      Cracks, Leaks and Other Common Problems

      Some older automobiles rely extensively on metal tubing for fluid-transfer applications, such as in fuel lines. While metal tubes can handle fluid pressure well, they have some important drawbacks. For one thing, they're vulnerable to rust and exterior corrosion. Over time, this can lead to cracks, leaks or complete failure. If you're restoring a classic automobile, replacing rigid metal pipes with state-of-the-art rubber lines is a great idea to boost performance and component longevity. The same thing goes for metal lines that are starting to show significant rust or external damage.

      Get Your Rubber Hoses at AutoZone

      It's important to know that not all rubber hoses are made equal for different applications. While fuel line hoses and fuel injector hoses may sound similar, they're actually very different when it comes to pressure rating. Fuel injectors subject gasoline to much higher pressures than other engine types, so you need synthetic rubber hoses designed to handle the extra load without problems. Hyper-cooled refrigerant for AC systems also needs a special rubber hose that can withstand sub-zero internal temperatures and a wide range of external temperatures without cracking. If you're not sure what SAE rating you need for your specific make and model, stop by one of our AutoZone stores or give us a call for one-on-one recommendations from our DIY-repair pros. Type rubber hoses near me into the search box to see what's available immediately.

      Your Top Source for Auto Parts

      Even modern cars and trucks may need fuel line replacement if they were built with older fuels in mind. Many of today's fuels contain additives and performance enhancers that can degrade hoses not up to the task. Make sure your vehicle's fuel lines are rated for ethanol blended fuel to avoid potential injector clogs or hose damage. Whether you're replacing fuel injector tubing, PCV valve hoses, coolant lines or air conditioning compressor hoses, find the lowest prices on rubber hoses in our AutoZone store locations or online.