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1-2 of 2 Results


      Windshield Washer Tubing

      Keep It Clean and Clear

      Visibility is key for safe driving. Spots or mud after a rain storm can create a distraction and limit your view, which slows down your reaction time if an incident occurs. A clean windshield also lets you experience the path ahead and what you left behind. Most people know when it's time to change their windshield wipers, but what if the fluid is no longer coming out? Instead of stopping at a light to splash a little water on the windshield, face the issue head on and get the best windshield washer tubing for cars and trucks at AutoZone.

      A Simple System

      A vehicle's wiper system is fairly simple. It includes a pump that moves washer fluid from a reservoir through hoses into the wipers. The fluid is sprayed out from small nozzles on the wipers. It allows people to go from low visibility to high visibility in seconds, without even giving it a thought. They are also reliable systems that generally require little maintenance except replacing the wipers and replenishing the fluid.

      Signs of Trouble

      They are so reliable, that people are often surprised when they stop working. If that happens, there are a few areas to check. If there is no sound when pushing the fluid lever, it could just be a fuse. If the pump is working but nothing is coming out—and you know there is fluid in the reservoir—it could be a clogged nozzle. A dirty reservoir could also be blocking the fluid from properly spraying.

      Common Culprits

      If all those things look good, it's time to check the tubing. Any rubber part of a vehicle's system should be regularly inspected. Although built to last, rubber parts eventually crack and lose their ability to work properly. If that is the culprit, AutoZone has the lowest prices on windshield washer tubing. There are many things that can cause a tube to fail. Since washer fluid is made with various ingredients, there could be mold or buildup in the tub. Additionally, engines get hot. If a clip holding the tube breaks and rough terrain loosens it, the tube could met. During maintenance, there is a chance that tube could get cut. If water was used instead of washer fluid, there is a chance of a tube bursting due to the water expanding in the cold.

      Low-cost, Reliable Replacements

      Replacement tubes are a cost-effective solution to get your system spraying properly. These quality and durable OEM parts meet industry requirements and are designed to withstand extreme heat and cold. An added bonus is that these tubes can also be used for other vacuum tasks, such as sensors.

      Don't let road debris, ice or mud keep you from safely driving. A quick search for “windshield washer tubing near me” can lead you AutoZone's automotive experts to help getting you seeing clearly.