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NOS / Nitrous Oxide System Blue Big Shot Nitrous System

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Part #02101NOS
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The NOS Big Shot systems use a special fogging plate design that vastly improves nitrous flow, fuel atomization and mixture distribution. This Big Shot plate utilizes a unique spray bar that is equipped with tiny orifices. These are precisely located to efficiently dispense a powerful nitrous and gasoline mixture for unbelievable horsepower. An NOS Big Shot system can create as much as 400 extra horsepower. Power output is adjustable from 200 – 400 horsepower simply by changing fuel and nitrous jets. Single stage Big Shot(TM) systems incorporate a NOS(R) Pro Shot nitrous solenoid with –6 AN nitrous supply line. Systems include a variety of power Jets , nitrous bottle, 1/2 inch fogging plate, filters, Fittings for fuel and nitrous, switches and all electrical and other hardware necessary for installation.
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    Unique Fogging Plate Design
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    Vastly Improves Nitrous Flow
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    Improves Fuel Atomization
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    Improves Mixture Distribution
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    Advanced EDM Technology
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    Highly Efficient Nitrous System
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    Includes Necessary Electrical Hardware
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    Record Breaking Runs