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Wagan Mighty Impact Wrench

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Wagan Tech's Mighty Impact Wrench is a powerful and easy to use Impact wrench that can easily wrestle lug nuts off. The case contains all of the necessary tools to remove lug nuts: the Mighty Impact Wrench, spare fuses, and two double sided sockets. The grip of the Mighty Impact Wrench has a rubberized texture to aid in firm handling of the wrench in less than ideal conditions. With 271 ft-lbs of max torque, the Mighty Impact Wrench can manage to remove lug nuts off of most passenger vehicles, even those neglected models. With a no-load speed of up to 5000 rpm, the Mighty Impact Wrench has no trouble spinning off those loosened lug nuts and assisting you in putting them back on. Even if you are lacking in strength, the Mighty Impact Wrench has all of the muscle you need to get the job done!
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    271 ft-lb of torque
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    5000 rpm (no-load)
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    11.4 foot power cord
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    Convenient Molded Carry Case
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    2 Spare 15A fuses
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    2 Sockets included (2-way sockets)
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    3 position switch