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    1-24 of 62 Results

    About Work Light

    Make Your Work Easier

    Work lights make it easier to take care of your vehicle. Get the best work lights for cars and trucks at AutoZone. We know our parts and products, and we always put customers first. We make you work easier by helping you find the light that fits you needs. We have managers and bosses that help teams succeed. Our company embraces diversity, so we have a staff of employees that strive for exceptional performance and energize others. If you want to work with someone who cares about people, choose AutoZone to help you purchase the perfect work light. Our highly trained staff answers your questions efficiently and helps you determine your purchasing goals.

    Find the Right Type

    The first consideration in buying a work light is to figure out the right type of light. What part of your car do you work on when you need a light? Base-mount or tripod work lights come with their own stands and with the opportunity to choose from a variety of light bulbs. Choose this type if you need powerful light to illuminate a large outdoor area. Hang handheld or hanging work lights from a car hood or a wall. This type is ideal for work in tight spaces. Lastly, clamp-on or fixed mount work lights can be positioned to provide a steady steam of light to exactly one area.

    Find the Best Bulb

    To find the lowest prices on work lights, consider the bulb option. Do you want the least expensive light bulb, or do you want a light bulb that is more energy efficient and safer? Fortunately, AutoZone provides reasonable prices for the best light bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs are generally inexpensive, and they do provide bright light; however, they can produce heat and be hard to handle. A more popular option for work lights is an LED bulb. They are also bright, but they are much more energy efficient without producing heat. For the brightest light, check out the halogen light bulbs. Use them in well-ventilated areas due to the production of heat.

    Find the Perfect Power

    Power of a light bulb is measured in watts, which refers to the electrical capability of the system. Power ratings can vary greatly in work lights, so be sure to choose the one that best fits your needs. Additionally, consider the battery. How long do you need your light to stay on at a time? Do you have an outlet accessible in the space that you use your work light? Get a plug-in, battery-powered, or rechargeable work light, depending on what style best fits your needs. Choose one that is not limited by an electrical cord so that you can take the light with you on the road. Enjoy the unlimited power supply of an electric work light that is plugged in.

    Whatever your need, check out AutoZone in stores or online by searching work lights near me. Rest assured that we always put customers first.