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Rogue Drivetrain Engine RE71240F

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Rogue Drivetrain1144973
Part # RE71240F
SKU # 1144973
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Rogue Drivetrain engines are tested to ensure quality. Each component is carefully diagnosed after being cleaned to check for any defects. After pressure testing, our final check of engine performance is a spin test. We turn the engine at 400 RPM with oil pressure lines attached. The test measures compression on each cylinder, oil pressure, oil flow and allows an easy visual check that oil is reaching all critical areas. This test also allows the rear main seal to be checked for leaks. We produce most engines as long block assemblies that ship with gasket kits set and a new oil pump. We also may accept special orders for many hard to find engines for your customers.
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    Individually cold tested on dynamometer for oil flow, oil pressure and compression
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    Inventory coverage for Ford, Chrysler, GM, Dodge, Toyota, Hyundai, Audi, BMW and many more