Cadillac Escalade U-Joint

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1-24 of 28 Results

    1-24 of 28 Results

    About Cadillac Escalade U-Joint

    After shifting your Escalade in reverse, you may start hearing loud clunking or clanking noises. It's a textbook example of a possible defective Cadillac Escalade universal joint. Faulty U-joints contribute to problems in your vehicle, including vibrations in your vehicle during acceleration. Find high-quality parts, including U-joints for Cadillac Escalade, at any AutoZone store.

    The U-joint is a key component in the driveshaft. It allows the shaft to flex under a load and transmit power from the transmission to each end of the vehicle. The U-joint also handles the stress of twists, acceleration and rough roads. If your U-joint completely breaks apart, your vehicle has no way to transmit the power. Visit any AutoZone store for assistance with finding an Escalade U-joint replacement. Or, you can purchase through the AutoZone website and get Same Day Store Pickup.