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    1-24 of 53 Results

    About Ford F150 U-Joint

    A truck brimming with confidence, your Ford F-150 is a machine that cruises down the road in style and with power. Hauling and traveling are made equally easy with your mechanical Ford companion. Make sure your truck is running the way it needs to be with a new Ford F-150 universal joint from AutoZone.

    U-joints for Ford F150 are critical to the proper function of the driveshaft. These joints are used to permit the driveshaft to flex and articulate while under load and still be able to transmit power from end to end. Defective parts cause loud clanking noises when transmissions shift from reverse to drive, and worse parts break apart or throw your driveshaft off balance. Get your F150 U-joint replacement from AutoZone to make sure you get the right product at the right price. Shop with us today and benefit further from free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing during your visit.



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    Works great, but use care installing


    in 4 months

    Do NOT use a press or C-clamp installer for this type of U-joint!!! These don't push through the yoke like a driveshaft U-joint!!! The trick with the inside C-clip U-joints is to shove the caps outward when removing them by using force on the spider/cross part. You can either get a specialized press or simply hit them with Kroil and then set the yoke over an opened vice and hit THE VERTICAL YOKE with a mallet a few times until the cap starts coming out the top. Flip it over 180 degrees and repeat to get the other side out. When one yoke is off, hang the U-joint by the cross member of the spider and hit the other yoke the same way. Be careful to tap gently when installing the new one, so that you don't get a needle bearing out of place and break it. A gob of fresh grease in the cap will help keep them in place. Be sure to check that the U-joint doesn't bind when installing. If it does, go back and remove it again and check the needle bearings. When it is in, and all the caps are snug, the u-joint will be stiff, so while holding the axle in one hand, whack the yokes once with your mallet, and it should magically freel up the u-joint so that it flops around easily. If it seems stuck, the cap isn't sitting on the needle bearings correctly, or your yoke is bent.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1990 Ford F150

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    One Team There


    in a month

    Had the u joint in store for a 1966 Mustang?! They did. I know my Store Manager Jessi by name and he serves so many customers and is always pleasant to talk to. He treats everybody in person or on the phone in a positive manner to try and resolve their automotive needs. When I go to Auto Zone, I know they will have the part I need at the best price. It's a fact and saves me time and money.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 1966 Mustang GT, 2000 Ford F150 STV, 2003 Harley 883 Sportster Hugger

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    You should probably just buy MOOG


    in 5 years

    I tried to install these on a 2000 f150 4x4, but this truck was special ordered with a E40D trans and the 9.75 rear end. These U-joints appear to be the exact same as the OEM, but they are actually larger and you will not be able to install the C-clips that hold the bearing caps. Even using a press and trying to rotate the U-joint several times would not work. Ended up buying the MOOG part and it worked perfectly. Not saying there is something wrong with this part, but it did not really work for my application.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2000 Ford F150