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      Breaker Bar Tool

      Complete Your Tool Kit

      A breaker bar is a lengthy, non-ratcheting tool intended for use with sockets. AutoZone carries all the tools you need to round out your collection in store and online. Get the lowest prices on breaker bar tools made by trusted brands such as Duralast, Great Neck and OEM.

      The primary function of this long tool is to generate more torque than a standard socket wrench when you apply the same amount of force. Breaker bars can range from 10 inches up to 38.5 inches in length. These tools are useful for turning sockets and loosening any nuts and bolts that are tight or have become stuck.

      How To Select a Breaker Bar

      When you look up breaker bar tools near me, you should check the drive measurement and overall length of these tools prior to making a purchase. These measurements determine suitable applications and the amount of torque the tool can generate. Make sure the socket fits on the component for which you need it, in addition to a standard socket wrench attachment. It is also a good idea to confirm that the tool material is strong enough to stand up to the intended use.

      The lengths of breaker bar tools range from 10 inches up to 38.5 inches with drives that measure either 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch. It is also possible to find a 7/8-inch crowfoot design. A number of these socket tools are made out of chrome vanadium steel, have a chrome-plated or black oxide finish and are designed to withstand heavy-duty applications and resist rust. Some breaker bars have a locking ball retainer that is designed to keep on an attachment until a task is finished.

      Factor in whether the breaker bar you are considering is equipped to enhance your grip. These tools are often used to deliver sufficient torque to loosen very tightly fastened or seized nuts and bolts. An 18-inch breaker bar can provide up to 160 pound feet of torque, while a 24-inch chrome vanadium steel breaker bar can deliver maximum torque of 333 pound feet. Once you have loosened a fastener, a ratchet wrench should be sufficient to remove the component.

      Affordable Automotive Tools

      You can get the tools you need as soon as the same day by checking to see whether a particular breaker bar is in stock at your nearest AutoZone location. Search or browse our full selection of the best breaker bar tools for cars and trucks. You may be able to arrange for store pick up or home delivery as soon as the following day. Our low prices and large inventory make it possible to get the tools necessary to loosen overtightened or stuck nuts and bolts located anywhere on a vehicle.