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Save $30 on a Duralast® 180-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

1-11 of 11 Results

1-11 of 11 Results


      Duralast Tool Set

      Whether you're a first-time DIYer or a professional mechanic, you can never have a big enough tool selection. Screwdrivers, sockets, wrenches, and extensions have a habit of going missing, though, and you'll need to add to your toolbox or replace it completely once in a while. A Duralast tool set offers as many or as few tools as you want, and AutoZone tools are always high-quality at a great price.

      When you're shopping for a set of tools that will work for most tasks you'll be doing in the garage, Duralast is a great name to choose. Options range from basic ratchet extensions and swivels that can get into tight spaces and fill out your toolbox to a 265-piece Duralast mechanic tool set with ratchets, metric and SAE sockets in various sizes, and even less-common Torx keys and frequently used wrenches.

      How to Use Your Duralast Tool Set?

      The best way to use your Duralast tools is to keep them close by and keep them organized in the carrying case provided. Whenever you have a repair to perform, no matter how big or small, find the matching tool in your set in seconds, then put it back when you're done. All sockets and tools are made of high-grade materials so the only thing you have to worry about is a neighbor borrowing them.

      Find the best ratchets and sockets for the price at AutoZone. Browse the range of Duralast tool sets and get them sent to your door with Free Next-Day Delivery or pick them up even sooner with Same-Day In-Store Pickup.