Chevrolet Full Size Cars 1979-1989

Fuse Block Repair Guide


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Fig. Fig. 1 Most vehicles covered by this guide utilize a plug-in blade type or compact fuse box

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Fig. Fig. 2 The fuse box on most vehicles is under the left side of the instrument panel, near the steering column

The fuse block on most models is located under the instrument panel next to the steering wheel. Other models have the fuse block located on the right side of the dash and access is gained through the glove box.

Each fuse block uses miniature fuses (inline or plug-in blade terminal type) which are designed for increased circuit protection and greater reliability. Later model vehicles are equipped with a compact plug-in or blade terminal design which allows fingertip removal and replacement.

Although most fuses are interchangeable in size, the amperage values are not. Should you install a fuse with too high a value, damaging current could be allowed to destroy the component you were attempting to protect by using a fuse in the first place. Inline fuses have a small number molded into 1 or both ends, while plug-in type fuses have a bold number molded on them and are color coded for easy identification. Be sure to only replace a fuse with the proper amperage rated substitute.

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