Miata 1990-1997

Radiator & Cap Inspection


Check the cooling system at the interval specified in the Maintenance Intervals chart.

Hose clamps should be tightened, and defective hoses replaced. Damp spots, or accumulations of rust or dye near hoses, water pump or other areas, indicate areas of possible leakage. Check the radiator cap for a worn or cracked gasket. If the cap doesn't seal properly, fluid will be lost and the engine will overheat. A worn cap should be replaced with a new one.

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Fig. Be sure the rubber gasket on the radiator cap has a tight seal

Periodically clean any debris from the radiator fins. Pick the large pieces off by hand. The smaller pieces can be washed away with water pressure from a hose.

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Fig. Periodically remove all debris from the radiator fins

Carefully straighten any bent radiator fins with a pair of needle nose pliers. Be careful-the fins are very soft. Don't move the fins back and forth too much. Straighten them once and try not to move them again.