An abbreviation for kilo, a metric term.
A compact front-wheel drive vehicle introduced by Chrysler in the early 1980s.
A continuous fuel-injection system; a forerunner of the KE-Jetronic system.
Kandy Apple
A rich, red finish popular on kustom cars.
A small, open, four-wheeled vehicle with a single cylinder, two- or four-cycle gasoline engine.
KD Set
An abbreviation for knocked down set.
A continuous electronic fuel-injection system by Bosh that has been modified using a lambda oxygen sensor.
A trade name for a thread-repair system using spiral inserts to repair damaged threads.
Keeper Grooves
The grooved area on a valve stem to accommodate the keepers.
Key-like, tapered-metal locking devices used to hold valve retainers in place on the valve stem.
A kustom car or lead sled.
Key-Off Loads
A term used for parasitic loads.
An input device used to key programs and data into the computer's storage.
Keyless Entry
A system using a coded keypad that allows the operator to unlock the doors or the trunk from outside the vehicle without the use of a key.
Keystone Ring
Compression piston ring, double tapered and shaped like a keystone.
A groove milled or machined onto a shaft or into a bore to accept a square, half moon, or round piece of metal.
An abbreviation for the metric kilogram.
Kick out of Gear
To shift to neutral.
A downshift to the next lower gear in an automatic transmission when the driver applies full throttle, as in overtaking and passing another vehicle.
Kickdown Pressure
The pressure developed to downshift the transmission from a high gear to a lower gear.
Kickdown Valve
A valve located in the valve body that develops kickdown pressure.
The area along the inside bottom of a car door.
A section of a chassis frame that is raised to clear the axles or suspension.
Kill Switch
A switch used to disconnect the electrical system in an emergency.
To bring to a stop, such as to kill an engine.
To overcome completely or with irresistible effect.
Kilo Pascal (kPa)
A metric unit of measure equal to 6.895 psi.
Kilogram (kg)
A metric unit of measure for weight, as in English pounds.
Kilometer (km)
A metric measure for distance, as in English miles.
Kinetic Energy
The energy of motion, such as that of a flywheel.
King Kong
A hemi-engined Dodge or Plymouth stock car racer during the 1960s and 1970s.
A pin or shaft on which the steering spindle assembly rotates.
The pin, mounted through the center of the trailer upper-bolster plate, that mates with the fifth wheel and locks to secure the trailer to the fifth wheel.
Kingpin Angle
A term used for kingpin inclination.
Kingpin Axis
The inward tilt of the steering axis from the vertical.
Kingpin Inclination
A major factor in a vehicle's directional control and stability; the angle of a line through the center of the kingpin in relation to the true vertical centerline of the tire viewed from the front of the vehicle.
Kit Car
A knocked-down vehicle designed to be built by the owner.
An abbreviation for the metric kilometer.
Knee Bolster
An energy-absorbing pad used on a passive-restraint system to cushion the forward motion of the driver during an accident by restricting leg movement.
A noise within an engine generally caused by detonation or preignition.
Knock Off
A counterfeit.
A cheap auto part packaged to represent a popular brand.
Knock Sensor
A sensor that signals the engine-control computer when detonation is detected, momentarily retarding ignition timing until detonation ceases.
Knock-Off Hub
A large, single, two- or three-eared wing nut used to retain a wheel; illegal for street use.
Knocked-Down Set (KD set)
A package of automotive parts, assemblies, and subassemblies packaged at one location to be assembled at another location.
A term used for steering knuckle.
Knuckle Arm
The arm that extends backward from steering knuckle to provide attachment for the tie rods.
A series of ridges formed on the outer surface of a piston or the inner surface of a valve guide to help reduce clearance and hold oil for added lubrication.
An abbreviation for key on engine off.
An abbreviation for key on engine running.
An abbreviation for the metric kiloPascal, as in the English pounds per square inch.
A term George Barris used for custom, now in common use.
Kustom Car
A custom car, specifically one built by George Barris, a noted California customizer.® ©2001- 2020  AutoZone, Inc. All Rights Reserved.