A Rochester Quadrajet four-barrel carburetor.
An innocent looking vehicle with outstanding performance.
A four-barrel carburetor.
Four headlamps, two on either side of the vehicle.
A four-wheel drive vehicle.
Quad Carburetor
A four-barrel carburetor.
Quad Ring
A rubber or plastic sealing ring with square sides.
Quad Valve Head
A cylinder head with four valves, two exhaust and two intake, per cylinder.
A high-performance, four-cylinder engine developed by General Motors.
A full-time, four-wheel drive system.
A device used to indicate the position of the gear selector of an automatic transmission.
One quarter of a circle.
To earn a starting position in a race.
A term used for a quarter-mile drag strip.
Quarter Elliptic Spring
One half of a semi-elliptic spring having one end attached to the chassis frame and the other attached to the axle.
Quarter Mile
A distance of 1,320 feet (402 meters).
The standard distance for a drag strip.
Quarter Panel
A term used for the metal work for either the front or rear corner of a vehicle body.
Quarter Race Cam
A camshaft that has been reground to provide better than standard performance.
Quarter-Mile Drag Strip
The most popular standard distance for a competitive drag-racing strip.
Quarter-Speed Cam
A camshaft that rotates once for each four revolutions of the crankshaft.
A type of high output lamp containing a gaseous halogen; used for headlights, driving lights, or fog lights.
A lamp containing gaseous iodine (I).
A full-time, four-wheel drive system by Audi.
To suddenly cool a heated metal or alloy by dousing it with water or oil.
Quench Area
Any internal portion of a combustion chamber which causes combustion to cease because of the temperature drop in the air/fuel charge where it meets this area.
Quick Change
Any system or sub system that is designed for ease and speed for changing or replacing.
Quick Charger
A battery charger that is designed to charge or boost a battery in a short time.
Quick Coupler
A coupler that allows hoses to be quickly connected and/or disconnected. Most shop air hoses, for example, are equipped with quick couplers.
Quick Release valve
A device used to exhaust air as close as possible to the service chambers or spring brakes.® ©2001- 2020  AutoZone, Inc. All Rights Reserved.