Cutting Z-like notches in a frame to lower the vehicle.
The vertical axis around which a vehicle structure's front and rear ends swing back and forth.
To defeat an opponent.
To over rev an engine to the extent that it is damaged.
Zener Diode
A diode often used in electronic voltage regulators.
A term used for zerk fitting.
Zerk Fitting
A nipple-like lubrication fitting through which grease is applied to a chassis or suspension joint with a grease gun.
Zero Emissions
A system or device that does not emit exhaust pollutants to the atmosphere.
Zero Lash
No clearance between the valve lifter and camshaft lobe.
Zero Toe
Adjusting the wheels so they point straight ahead.
Zero-Emissions Vehicle (ZEV)
An electric vehicle.
Zero-Gap Ring
A piston ring that does not have end clearance.
An abbreviation for zero-emissions vehicle.
Zinc Inner Liner
A thin zinc-metal leaf between the longer steel leaves of a leaf- spring suspension system to control sliding friction between the leaves, and prevent corrosion on certain models.
To unintentionally over rev an engine.
Zirc Fitting
A zerk fitting made of zirconium alloy.
Exhaust headers that sweep back and up toward the top of the rear tires on an open-wheeled drag racer.
A non-destructive system using a dye penetrant and an ultraviolet light to check non-magnetic parts for faults and cracks.® ©2001- 2020  AutoZone, Inc. All Rights Reserved.