Starter Drive


A starter drive includes a pinion gear set that meshes the flywheel on the engine's crankshaft.

Starter drive pinion gear is used to turn the engine's flywheel.

Starter drives often do not last the life of the starter motor. Replacing a starter drive is commonly done by technicians. Noise that can be heard coming from a starter is usually from the starter drive. The starter whines or grinds and does not turn the engine over reliably. Sometimes, the overrunning clutch will slip in one direction when it wears internally. It might only fail to work occasionally. Test it by trying to turn it in both directions.

Test the starter drive one-way clutch.

Sometimes, it is necessary to wiggle the gear and lightly attempt to turn it to get it to slip.

  • To inspect the starter drive, start the engine.
  • If the starter motor sounds like it's turning but not engaging, or you hear a "zinging" noise, the starer drive is likely faulty.
  • Replace as necessary.