Starter Drive


Refer to your vehicle's service manual for replacement procedures. The following are general replacement procedures.

Replacing a Starter Drive On the General Motors starter, the drive unit is held in place on the armature shaft by a split metal ring covered by a full round ring.

  • Tap down on the outer ring to remove it from covering the inner ring.
  • Remove the outer ring from the retainer using a socket and a soft hammer.
  • Remove the snap ring.
  • Slide the starter drive from the armature.
If the starter drive is to be reused, do not immerse it in cleaning solvent. The bearing is permanently lubricated and can be damaged by solvent.
  • Before replacing the starter drive with a new one, count the number of teeth on the drive pinion and match up the old and the new ones to see that they are the same.
Art courtesy of Delmar - Thomson Learning.
  • To reinstall the snap ring, use a hammer and a block of wood or a rubber mallet.
Courtesy of General Motors Corporation, Service Technology Group.
  • Use two pairs of pliers to compress the ring assembly together.