Aztek, Rendezvous 2001-2005

Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Repair Guide


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Fig. C1 Connector

PinWire ColorCircuit No.Function
1BLK2762Atf Temperature (TFT) Sensor Ground
2-3----Not Used
4LT GRN12221-2 Shift Solenoid Valve
5DK BLU473High Speed Fans Control
6DK GRN335Low Speed Fans Control
7BRN/WHT633Camshaft Position PCM Input Signal
8PPL/WHT4303X Reference High
9LT BLU/BLK64724X CKP Sensor Signal (Reference)
10GRY2704MAP 5 Volt Reference A
11----Not Used
12DK GRN676HO2S Heater High Control (Bank 1 Sensor 1)
13ORN BLK469MAP/ECT Sensor Ground
14-15----Not Used
16BLK/WHT451PCM Ground
17BLK2760IAT Sensor Ground
18----Not Used
19PPL1500Ignition Wake up Power (Hot in Run / Bulb Test / Start)
20ORN540Battery Positive Voltage
21----Not Used
22PNK1224Transmission Fluid Pressure Switch Signal A (2000-02 Only)
23-27--Not Used
28TAN/WHT1669HO2 Sensor 2 Low
29TAN413HO2 Sensor 1 Low
30PPL420TCC Brake Switch Input
31BLK2753EGR Pintle Position Sensor Ground
32GRY435EGR Valve Control
33DK BLU496Knock Sensor (KS) Signal
34-37----Not Used
38LT GRN/WHT1749IAC Valve Coil B High
39-42----Not Used
43BLK1744Fuel Injector #1 Control
44YEL/BLK12232-3 Shift Solenoid Valve Control
45--Not Used
46PNK/BLK1746Fuel Injector #3 Control
47LT GRN/BLK1745Fuel Injector #2 Control
48RED/BLK4533X Reference Low
49-52----Not Used
53TAN/BLK424Bypass Control
54WHT423Ignition Control (IC)
55DK GRN/WHT817Vehicle Speed Signal Output
56BLK/WHT451PCM Ground
57BLK/WHT451PCM Ground
58DK GRN1049Class2 Serial Data
59----Not Used

3.1L, 3.4L, 3.5L & 3.8L PCM C1 Connector Pinout (1 of 2)

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Fig. C1 Connector - Continued

PinWire ColorCircuit No.Function
60BLK/WHT451PCM Ground
61BLK2752Throttle Position (TP) Sensor Ground
62DK BLU/WHT1231AT ISS Low Signal
63RED/BLK1230AT ISS High Signal
64YEL400VSS High
65PPL401VSS Low
66-67----Not Used
68YEL772Transaxle Range Switch B
69YEL492MAF Sensor Input (Signal)
70-71----Not Used
72DK GRN83Cruise Disable/Inhibit Control
73BLK/WHT845Fuel Injector #5 Control
76DK GRN/WHT428EVAP Canister Purge Valve Control
77-78----Not Used
79YEL/BLK846Fuel Injector #6 Control
80BLK2751AC Pressure Sensor Ground

3.1L, 3.4L, 3.5L & 3.8L PCM C1 Connector Pinout (2 of 2)

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Fig. C2 Connector

PinWire ColorCircuit No.Function
1----Not Used
2WHT1310EVAP Canister Vacuum Switch Input (Vent Valve Solenoid Control)
3DK GRN/WHT465Fuel Pump Relay Control
4WHT257EGR Valve Ignition Positive Voltage
5BRN/WHT419MIL Control
6----Not Used
7LT BLU/WHT1747IAC Valve Coil A High
8-9----Not Used
10PPL412HO2 Sensor 1 Signal
11PPL/WHT1668HO2 Sensor 2 Signal
12-15----Not Used
16WHT776Transaxle Range Switch P
17RED1226Transmission Fluid Pressure Switch Signal C
18BLK/WHT771Transaxle Range Switch A
19TAN/BLK231Engine Oil Pressure Switch Input
20-21----Not Used
22DK GRN/WHT762A/C Request Signal (C60/CJ3)

3.1L, 3.4L, 3.5L & 3.8L PCM C2 Connector (1 of 2)

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Fig. C2 Connector - Continued

PinWire ColorCircuit No.Function
23PPL806Crank Input (Hot in Start Only)
24PNK439Ignition 1 Positive Voltage (Hot in Run / Bulb Test / Start)
25LT GRN432MAP Sensor Signal
26YEL410ECT Sensor Signal
27RED/BLK380A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor Signal
28BRN1456EGR Pintle Position Signal
29---Not Used
30GRY/BLK2702EGR 5 Volt Reference A
31-32----Not Used
33GRY2701TP Sensor 5 Volt Reference A
34GRY474Fuel Tank Pressure (FTP)/AC Pressure Sensor 5 Volt Reference B
35BLK452Sensor Ground
36----Not Used
38----Not Used
39DK GRN/WHT459A/C Compressor Clutch Relay Control
40-41----Not Used
42LT BLU/BLK844Fuel Injector #4 Control
43----Not Used
44LT BLU/BLK1748IAC Valve Coil A Low
45RED/BLK1228PC Solenoid Valve High Control ( Sol, A)
46LT BIU/WHT1229PC Solenoid Valve Low Control ( Sol, A)
47-48----Not Used
49LT GRN/BLK444IAC Valve Coil B Low
50TAN472Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor
51-54----Not Used
55DK GRN890Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Input (Signal)
56GRY773Transaxle Range Switch C
57DK BLU1225Transmission Fluid Pressure Switch Signal B
58BRN1174Engine Oil Level Switch Input
59WHT85Cruise Engaged Input (Status)
60----Not Used
61RED225Generator L Terminal Control
62----Not Used
63YEL657TCC Release Switch Signal
64-65----Not Used
66DK BLU417Throttle Position (TP) Sensor Signal
67----Not Used
68YEL/BLK1227Transaxle Fluid Temperature (TFT) Sensor Signal
69PPL1589Fuel Level Sensor Input
70LT GRN1867CKP Battery Positive Voltage
71----Not Used
72RED/WHT812CMP Sensor Battery Positive Voltage
73BLK407CMP Sensor Ground
74YEL/BLK1868CKP Sensor Ground
75BRN436AIR Pump Relay Control
76YEL/BLK625Starter Enable Control
77----Not Used
78BRN418TCC PWM Solenoid Control
79----Not Used
80TAN413HO2S Low Signal

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