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1-9 of 9 Results


      Roadside Emergency Kit

      Be ready for trouble on the road ahead with a roadside emergency kit. Get individual emergency supplies or get a complete kit with everything you need for when trouble on the road arises.

      Our emergency multi tools are equipped for any situation. Light up the dark with a lighting and a multi-position switch. Check air pressure with the built-in digital tire gauge. We even have seat belt cutters and glass breaker hammers.

      Whether you need rechargeable LED road flares, emergency tools, or a full-on car safety kit, we¿ve got it. With safety products from top brands like Justincase, Schumaker, and SureBilt, we have everything you need to be prepared when car trouble strikes.

      We sell LED road flares for making yourself visible at night. Our flares can either be powered by AAA batteries or an internal rechargeable battery. No matter what you choose, you can easily attach the flares to the side of your car or other metal objects with the flare¿s built-in super strong magnet. Our flares shine bright, with 9 distinct flash patterns that can be seen from up to a half mile away. They¿re built tough with high impact plastic that is waterproof and built to float.

      If you need something a little more heavy duty, check out our selection of car emergency kits. Buy a Justincase roadside kit, and get jumper cables, first aid kits, electric flares, LED flashlights, and more.

      No matter what you need to be ready for the road ahead, AutoZone has what you need. Get it shipped to your door or pick one up at your local AutoZone today.