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Wolo 3950-A 12-100 Volt Amber Extra Bright LED Flashing Warning Light

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Part # 3950-A
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The LIGHTNING BRIGHT LB LOW BOY has a new unique lower profile design. Ideal for installation on equipment that requires a reliable, bright warning light for low height requirements. To ensure years of reliable service, Wolo seals the electronic circuitry in rock hard epoxy, so that the light can withstand all weather conditions and high vibration. LIGHTNING BRIGHT LB has an operating voltage range from 12-80 volts DC and is maintenance free, no bulbs to burn out and replace. The light’s base is rugged ABS that will not corrode. Provided with the light is all required mounting hardware and a rubber gasket. LIGHTNING BRIGHT LB has a replaceable amber fresnel lens that is made of strong polycarbonate plastic.
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    Certified top-quality performance | | Bright reliable light source | | LED, light provides years of life | | Durable commercial grade construction | | Heavy duty vibration resistant frame and lens | | Weather resistant nonfading lens | | Ensures color consistency for the life of the light | | Heavy gauge straight power cord | | Eliminates common failures from coiled cords | | Complete and ready to install | | Controller and mounting brackets included