Wolo Infinity warning light
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Wolo Infinity warning light

Part # 7700-A
SKU # 553973



Part #7700-A
SKU #553973
Dimensions48-inch Length x 12.5-inch Width x 9-inch Height


INFINITY 3 is the next generation in high tech vehicle warning lights. The Infinity 3 is built with the latest State-Of-The-Art electronics and GEN 3 technology. Infinity 3 has 104 SUPER BRIGHT 1-watt LEDs with a continuously changing light pattern. The wide sweep of the high intensity LED's provides better vision for true 360° visibility at greater distances, even in bright daylight, providing more safety for the user. The lenses are replaceable and made from strong polycarbonate, which has been optically enhanced for maximum visibility. A rubber gasket is built into all lenses to ensure a watertight fit. Designed with dual light levels, the main LED warning light is on the top section and six-(6) flashing marker lights in the lower section. There are two-(2) GEN 3 LED takedown lights, (one light illuminates the front of the vehicle and the other to the rear of the vehicle). INFINITY 3 is totally maintenance free and is a superior warning light bar that offers more features when compared to similar brands that cost more. Kit includes stainless steel universal mounting straps.

  • checkmarkTop Section has 14 Clusters - 472 Super Bright Flashing LED Lights
  • checkmarkTwo High Power Alley Lights
  • checkmarkTwo High Power Halogen Takedown Lights - One facing Front of Vehicle and Other to the Rear
  • checkmarkSix High Power Flashing Marker Lights
  • checkmarkPower Cable - 20 Ft. Heavy-Gauge Wire with In-Line Fuses
  • checkmarkIlluminated Control Panel
  • checkmarkThree Rocker Switches for Independent Control of Strobe Warning Lights, Marker Lights, Alley & Takedown Lights
  • checkmarkStainless Steel Mounting Strap for Mounting Light Bar
  • checkmarkAvailable in Amber, Blue, Red Lens
  • checkmarkAll Models have Clear Center Lens