Wolo Lookout light bar
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Wolo Lookout light bar

Part # 7905-B
SKU # 553979



Part #7905-B
SKU #553979
Dimensions48-inch L x 12-inch W x 4-inch H


LOOKOUT is a high performance GEN 3 low profile linear light bar designed with a field proven microprocessor circuit that has extremely low power consumption. Using the latest GEN 3 LED technology, LOOKOUT produces an intense beam of light, which can be seen 360-degrees even in bright daylight. There are fifteen (15) selectable warning light patterns and three-(3) traffic advisory patterns to choose from, with the touch of a button. The switch control panel can be mounted on the vehicle's dashboard or console, using the provided double face tape, or hidden mounting bracket which is secured with screws. The control panel is the command center for LOOKOUT featuring a flash pattern indicator with eighteen-(18) mini red LEDs and four (4) mini clear LEDs that indicate alley and takedown light mode, on/off switch, LED power indicator, ten micro push buttons switches, used to select light pattern. There are 22 GEN 3 TIR modules, in total, 88 one (1) watt LED's which are long life and totally maintenance free. All models of LOOKOUT have a modular lens design that is highly waterproof and made of strong polycarbonate plastic that is clear for an inconspicuous appearance. The exterior frame is made of extruded aluminum. Kit includes stainless steel universal mounting straps for securing light bar to the window's ledge.

  • checkmarkUses GEN 3 LED Modules for Long Life and Low Power Draw
  • checkmarkBright Lights Can Be Seen 360 Degrees, Even in Daylight
  • checkmarkColored Lights with Clear Lenses
  • checkmarkLenses Made of Strong Waterproof Polycarbonate Plastic
  • checkmarkFrame Made of Extruded Aluminum with Universal Mounting Straps
  • checkmark12 ft. Cable from Light Bar to Switch Control Panel
  • checkmarkFeatures 15 Selectable Warning Light Patterns & 3 Traffic Advisory Patterns
  • checkmarkControl Panel has LED Flash Pattern Indicator and 10 Push Button Switches
  • checkmarkControl Panel has Adjustable Universal Mounting System with Brackets & Double Sided Tape
  • checkmarkChoose Between Amber, Blue, Red, or Combination Light