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Design Engineering 24in X 150ft Reflect-A-Gold Roll

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Reflect-A-GOLD™ solves the problem of heat soak into air boxes, seats, firewalls, transmission tunnels and intakes. Reflect-A-GOLD™ is an adhesive heat shield made from a metalized polyamide polymer laminated to a light weight glass fiber cloth with a high temperature pressure sensitive adhesive for use in extreme temperature swing environments. Our lightweight, adhesive thermal shielding is easily applied and won't lift off. It's minimal clearance and ease of use makes Reflect-A-GOLD™ a highly effective material for firewalls, fuel cells, engine covers, under hoods, engine compartment, bulk heads, seat bottoms, and anything or area that needs protection from heat.
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    For firewalls, bulkheads, engine covers, floors, seat bottoms & more
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    Handles continuous temps up to 800°F
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    Resists UV degradation for long-term performance
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    Adhesive protected by release liner rated up to 325°F
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    Virtually NO clearance needed
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    Light weight and flexible-Trim to size
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    0.0065" thick
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    Easy to apply, won't lift off