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1-24 of 61 Results



      Preparing for Your New Paintjob

      The time has finally come, and you're all-in on an all-new look for your vehicle. Before you are free to apply a fresh new coat of color, however, you need to make sure all surfaces are primed and ready. Removing that old layer of paint requires a little bit of the rough stuff, or in other words, some good, capable sandpaper. Find the grit and grade that are suited to your vehicle with a quick trip to your neighborhood AutoZone. We price our products right, so you get everything you need without putting a dent in your automotive budget. Head in or buy online today for the lowest prices on sandpaper, and get down to business on your paint project with confidence.

      Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

      Even though it probably ranks as one of the simpler items in your toolbox, sandpaper definitely has plenty of attributes to consider. Some products are solely suited to dry performance, whereas others are ready for soaking when you need to wet-sand a particular surface. Different steps in the process typically each call for a particular type of sandpaper, with varying performance based on the grit size, sanding grade and overall durability. It's also prudent to consider other physical factors, such as a product's size and shape, and whether it is attachable to powered sanding tools.

      It is also important to remember that a new coat of paint isn't all you need for a flawless looking ride. All those existing little dings and defects only come into sharper focus when failing to first sand them down thoroughly, which means you shouldn't take shortcuts with the hope of still achieving favorable results in the end. Your new paint needs a suitable surface to adhere to properly, so make sure you seek out the best sandpaper for cars and trucks before you get started. When you start out the job with good grinding materials at the ready, you're always in position for greater satisfaction with the finished product.

      Sand With Confidence

      You want to be confident anytime you take on a big job, so it's natural to wonder: “Where can I find the right kind of sandpaper near me?” Make life a little easier with assistance from the staff at your nearby AutoZone, where big selection and low prices are always in style. Handle all your sanding needs like a pro with top-notch deals on the brand names you know best, including industry icons like Finish 1st and 3M. Don't forget to order online when your schedule is too tight for a trip to the store. With options for local pickup or quick home delivery on thousands of products, getting the parts and accessories you need is surely the easiest part of any automotive rehaul.