Hushmat 1/4in Silencer Megabond Insulation Kit
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Hushmat 1/4in Silencer Megabond Insulation Kit

Part # 20200
SKU # 936536



Part #20200
SKU #936536


Silencer Megabond one-quarter inch (6mm) thick foam is perfect for the back of door trim panels or back of the headliner application. This kit contains two (2) 23" x 36" sheets. Silencer absorbs wind noise and radiant heat which keeps your vehicle's interior cool, quiet, and comfortable. Silencer Megabond traps sound waves in its variable cellular structure preventing the airborne noise from passing through. The Silencer Megabond foam absorbs airborne high frequency noise up to 4000 Hz. Silencer Megabond performs in broad temperatures (-40 to 300 F). The foam is lightweight & self-adhesive. To install, simply peel and stick! Similar to the application of foam on the ceiling and walls of a recording studio, HushMat's Silencer Megabond performs a similar function in the interior of vehicles. Absorb and eliminate high frequency airborne noise that enters the vehicle interior through the air with HushMat's Silencer Megabond foam.

  • checkmarkSilencer Megabond has been manufactured in the USA for over 30 years.
  • checkmarkSilencer Megabond trims easily with household scissors
  • checkmarkSilencer Megabond is super light weight.
  • checkmarkSilencer Megabond absorbs less than .5 percent moisture. Apply along with HushMat for a cooler, quieter ride.