Hushmat 50sq ft Cab And Floor Truck Insulation Kit
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Hushmat 50sq ft Cab And Floor Truck Insulation Kit

Part # 80550
SKU # 936544



Part #80550
SKU #936544


HushMat Semi Truck kit contains twenty five (25) 12" x 23" sheets. HushMat is easy to install since it is lightweight and flexible enough to mold to any contour. HushMat performs in temperatures from -30 up to 550 plus degrees Fahrenheit and is Made in the USA. The HushMat semi truck thermal Insulation and sound deadening package transforms your truck by reducing road and engine noise and heat up to fifty percent. HushMat applied to your sleeper reduces the noise outside and insulates so you receive a great rest. HushMat also reduces heat from your engine, exhaust, and the sunlight entering into your truck?s interior. HushMat allows your air conditioner to function more efficiently and making your truck considerably cooler. In an independent study, HushMat was proven to lower the temperature in your cab by over forty percent.

  • checkmarkHushMat is the easiest to install sound & thermal insulation material in the category
  • checkmarkHushMat installs in one-half the time versus other brands.
  • checkmarkHushMat has been manufactured in the USA for over 30 years.
  • checkmarkHushMat is light weight at 0.47 pounds per square foot and approximately one-eighth inch thick.