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Hushmat Silver 12in X 23in Ultra Floor Dash Kit 20 Piece

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HushMat Floor and Dash Kit is the easiest to install sound deadening and thermal insulation material to treat your floor pan, firewall, and transmission tunnel. HushMat reduces road noise, engine noise and heat, transmission tunnel heat, and eliminates vibrations. This kit contains twenty (20) 12" x 23" silver foil and butyl rubber sheets. HushMat is self adhesive and withstands ambient temperatures from -30 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. No surface cleaning is required, and no installation tools needed. HushMat's superior adhesive properties allow it to be installed in horizontal, vertical, or inverted applications. HushMat is flexible and moldable and conforms to complex surfaces. Better sound and thermal insulation from one HushMat material.
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    HushMat is the easiest to install sound & thermal insulation material in the category
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    HushMat installs in one-half the time versus other brands.
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    HushMat has been manufactured in the USA for over 30 years.
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    HushMat is light weight at 0.47 pounds per square foot and approximately one-eighth inch thick.