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1-24 of 83 Results


      Interior Panel Retainer

      Keep Interior Paneling In Place

      Retainers hold interior panels in place. The type of retainers necessary may vary depending on vehicle make and model. If you need to replace panel or trim retainers or fasteners or other specialized components such as headlight bulb retainers or windshield wiper switches, AutoZone has all of the parts you need. Browse or search the best interior panel retainers for cars and trucks from Dorman and Needa Parts.

      Replacement Panel Retainers

      The shape and design of retaining mechanisms depends on the application. Many components have threading and flared areas that provide a secure fit. These fasteners may be made out of plastic or steel. Some retainers are designed for certain vehicle makes. Others have a more universal fit. It is a good idea to examine and measure damaged components and check for part numbers when ordering replacement retainers.

      When it comes to replacing panel retainers and fasteners, you may have to remove functional or damaged retaining mechanisms in order to detach and reinstall a panel with new components. These parts need to be positioned and secured in order to hold paneling or other components in place.

      Order the Right Parts

      If you are purchasing a vehicle-specific part, you should enter the make, model and year of your car or truck. This feature makes it easier to find the lowest prices on interior panel retainers that have measurements and fastener styles that correspond to the design of a vehicle. If the part you are considering is not sold as vehicle specific, the design and measurements may determine whether it functions properly as a fastener or retainer. You may want to discuss replacement part options with a customer service associate in store or online.

      Save On Tools and Connectors

      In addition to interior panel retainers, AutoZone has a large inventory of clips, pins and screws for any automotive application. Many panels and systems rely on fastening or retaining components to keep important parts secured in place. Search or browse our online store to see all of the different types of connectors we carry. It may be possible to order these items in any quantity for delivery or arrange for in store pickup to ensure that you have replacement parts on hand to complete repairs.

      If you need panel retainers or any other connecting parts as soon as possible, searching for interior panel retainers near me can help you track down items in stock at the nearest store location. If you are looking for a more specialized component that is not in stock, it may be possible to order this item for in store pickup or home delivery as soon as the next day. AutoZone combines a vast inventory of parts with customer-friendly pick up and shipping solutions.