License Plate Screws

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    1-24 of 48 Results

    About License Plate Screws

    Confidently Adhere to the Road Rules

    Driving a vehicle without a license plate is illegal. In fact, in some states, you need license plates on both the front and the back of your car. When you get a new plate, or if it's been a while since you've replaced the screws and nuts for yours, it may be time to check out AutoZone for the best license plate fasteners for cars and trucks. This trusted website has a variety of fasteners to securely fit on your vehicle, regardless of the make or model you may have.

    Reliable Parts

    You may think something so simple isn't that important to worry about. However, without reliable fasteners, your license plate could easily fall off as you drive, leaving you in a big predicament, especially if an officer of the law notices. You certainly don't want to drive around town without your license plates, as such an act would arouse suspicion pretty quickly. At the first sign of trouble, make sure you pay a visit to AutoZone for some of the lowest prices on license plate fasteners for cars and trucks.

    Don't Overlook the Details

    A fastener isn't likely to be in great condition one day and on the verge of falling apart the next. These items will wear out over time, just like anything else on your vehicle. The screws, washers and nuts can get chipped or may break completely. The screws may strip, making it difficult to hold the license plates in place. Gradually, your plates may become loose without you even detecting it. After all, how often do you inspect the tightness of your license plates? At some points, your plate could be hanging by one screw and fall off without you knowing for some time.

    A Plethora of Parts

    If this happens to you, or if you figure out your fasteners aren't doing their job, AutoZone is your place to go. You can find screws compatible with flathead or Phillips head screwdrivers, or with Allen wrenches. Screws come in different size as well, but no matter what you choose or whatever fits your vehicle, you can have the confidence that they will be durable and strong. Screws and nuts come in stainless steel material with a metal finish. Each kit you order will contain eight screws, washers and nuts.

    Excellent Service Locally or Online

    Not only will you get a dependable, high-quality product when you order from AutoZone, but you'll also get excellent service. Your order can ship the next day, and if you add to it and spend enough shipping is free. You can elect to get the items delivered right to your door, or you may pick them up at the store closest to you. If you wonder, “Where can I get excellent license plate fasteners near me?” don't go anywhere else besides AutoZone. You love the pricing, quality and selection.