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3M 1/4in X 15ft Molding Tape

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Part # 38583
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Part #38583
SKU #12717
MaterialAcrylic Tape
3M Exterior Attachment Tape is ideal for permanently attaching side moldings and trim to your vehicles, adding long-term protection and value. Use the same elastic bonding technology employed for airplanes and skyscrapers to attach narrow body moldings, trim and emblems to your vehicle. This tape features an extremely strong adhesive, and it’s also easy to use – just pull of the liner and apply.
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    PERMANENT PRO RESULTS: Permanently attaches side moldings, trim and emblems to the interior and exterior of vehicles
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    WEATHERABLE: High strength double-sided adhesive withstands weather and impact. Temperature use range is -40F to 250F
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    EASY TO USE: Cut, apply, press. That's it. No tools required. Avoid mess of liquid adhesives
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    SUPER CONFORMABLE: 3M VHB tape conforms to irregular and textured surfaces
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    BOND WITHOUT RIVETS/SCREWS: Aircraft-grade adhesive strength allows for strong metal to metal bonding without rivets
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    DECREASE NOISE AND VIBRATION: Dampens noise, shock and vibration om upir vehicle
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    DIFFERENT SIZES FOR YOUR PROJECT: Available in several widths and lengths and cuts easily to size
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    MULTI USE APPLICATIONS: Use to bond auto body, trim, side body moldings, drip rail moldings or fender and wheel trim to add instant protection against door dings and other hazards
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    USE ON MANY SURFACES: Bonds to plastic, metal, carbon fiber and composite parts to your vehicle's painted or unpainted surfaces
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    Resists moisture, UV and solvents