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1-24 of 37 Results


      Permatex Sealant

      Many areas of a vehicle must be fully sealed to operate efficiently, and finding a replacement gasket or seal isn't always easy to do. This is why many car owners rely on Permatex Sealant. AutoZone Permatex is a special sealant that can be used to create new gaskets or to repair worn gaskets. This special liquid can be applied to a wide range of components to create custom gaskets when you need them. The sealant is simple to use and it's a tool that every car owner should have available for quick and convenient repairs when maintaining or upgrading your vehicle.

      Permatex sealant is used for sealing an oil pan, for water pumps, for sealing sensors, and many other metal, cork, and rubber components. Permatex spray sealant at AutoZone works for enhancing the seal of an existing gasket, or the right type of liquid can be used in place of a gasket. There are different types of sealants from Permatex and the best sealants are the ones selected for your specific application. Study the different Permatex options and choose the sealer that fits the materials and the application you are working on currently.

      How to Use Permatex Sealant

      Permatex Sealant is simple to use and anyone can learn to use the product in just a few minutes. Quickly read the packaging for any specialized instructions for the specific type of sealant from Permatex. The overall idea is the same every time when applying the sealant. Carefully apply a small amount of sealant while maintaining an even application that isn't broken anywhere until you completely encircle the component that you want to seal. After the sealant is applied, either allow it to sit and cure slightly before installing the component against it, or immediately install the component to finalize your new seal. You now have a sealed component that's protected from liquids and from the air.

      Whether you need high-quality sealants, paint for your vehicle, or another maintenance or repair item, find them based on the year, make, model, and engine size of your vehicle. Once you find what you need you can get it delivered to the home with Free Next-Day Delivery or pick it up immediately with Same-Day In-Store Pickup.