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1-3 of 3 Results


      Tail Light Lens Repair

      Emergency Repairs

      When a tail light is damaged, it can be a stressful time. Whether you've been in an accident with another vehicle or backed into a stationary object, you may need to repair your Tail lights. Headlights and tail lights need fast and convenient repairs in order to drive safely. Don't wait to get your car into the mechanic, but try these durable and convenient lens repair tapes to keep your car on the road. Find the best headlight lens repair for cars and trucks today.

      Convenient Headlight and Tail Light Covering

      Lens repair tape offers a fast and efficient way to keep your car on the road. Store a roll of tape in your garage or in your vehicle for emergency repairs. There are a range of designs, but each tape works in a similar way.

      First, make sure you clear the broken tail light or headlight of any debris. Check to make sure the bulbs aren't broken. A broken bulb needs to be replaced before the covering can be restored.

      Once you determine the bulb is still working and the area is clear of debris and moisture, carefully wrap the tape over the crack or hole in your covering. With careful application, you'll have an airtight bond that will last until you're able to replace the entire cover.

      Not only is a lens tape repair job faster than replacing the entire cover, it's a quick DIY solution that can be done in your garage, in a parking lot or in any other emergency situation. It's a fast and convenient solution that doesn't require any additional tools or complicated procedures.

      Affordable and Durable Construction

      When you shop for the lowest prices on headlight lens repair, lens tape is a surprisingly affordable and durable solution. Choose a brand and style that offers you these four critical components:

      - Waterproof coating
      - Strong adhesive
      - High visibility
      - Affordable price

      Waterproofing keeps your tape in place when driving through rain and snowstorms. Any exterior repair job needs to stay in place during a storm. Unlike packing tape or other alternatives, specialized headlight and tail light repair tape is moisture resistant and uses the same highly visible colors of your covers.

      Choose amber, red or yellow tape for an exact color match of your headlight or tail light repair. That way, you'll enjoy clear roads and safe driving in low-light conditions, and other drives can still clearly see your brake lights and turn signals.

      Stock Your Emergency Kit Today

      Shop online or stop by your local AutoZone for tail light lens repair near me. From emergency situations to routine car care in your garage, it's important to have a convenient solution for cracked, chipped or damaged tail lights. A roll of lens repair tape is an excellent addition to your car emergency kit or garage tool box.