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    1-24 of 100 Results

    About Weatherstrip

    Weatherstrips and Adhesive

    Weatherstripping keeps out moisture and road debris to maintain the condition of the doors and interior of a car or truck. This protective barrier improves the seal to keep out wind, keep in climate-controlled air and limit road noise. Replacing worn or missing weatherstrips can prevent body components from developing rust. AutoZone carries the best weatherstrips for cars and trucks by Dorman and Metro. We also sell 3M and Permatex adhesives formulated for installing automotive weatherstripping.

    Which Weatherstripping To Use

    Weatherstrips range from basic and affordable materials to specialized or premium designs. Choose from standard black EPDM synthetic rubber weatherstrips with adhesive backing that provide a universal seal, sponge foam weatherstrips or weatherstripping designed for campers, toppers and tailgates. The width and thickness of these strips vary, as do the lengths in which weatherstrips are sold. Weatherstripping with UV sealing resists fading over time.

    Metro Super seal weatherstrips are made of synthetic rubber, whereas Dorman makes sponge foam weatherstrips. You may also want to use specialized strip styles such as bulb seal, camper/topper seal and tailgate seal. AutoZone has the lowest prices on weatherstrips, no matter which type you need.

    How To Install Weatherstrips

    Start by making sure that you have enough weatherstripping material on hand to complete a job. If you are replacing the stripping on every vehicle door or other parts such as a trunk, tailgate, camper or topper, you may need more than one round of weatherstripping or specialized strips of the right width and thickness for these applications.

    Remove old weatherstripping and adhesive before attempting to install new weatherstrips. Align the new strip. You can use tape to make sure that it is positioned properly. Apply small beads of adhesive to the surface and press the weatherstrip into place. Experts recommend starting by either fitting a strip into a molded end or at the bottom of a door or any other part of a vehicle where water tends to collect.

    This application method can close gaps that could admit water into the door or interior and promote drainage. You should also anticipate shrinkage by leaving an additional quarter- or half-inch of overlapping stripping when applying each weatherstrip segment. Follow adhesive instructions and allow an application to dry before closing the door.

    The Lowest Parts Prices

    You will find low prices on weatherstrips when you shop in store or online at AutoZone. In addition to low prices on weatherstrips and adhesives, we also offer in store pickup and home delivery options. Most weatherstripping can be shipped to your home and some products are eligible for next day delivery. Some adhesives are only available for pick up in store. Search for weatherstrips near me to see items currently in stock at the closest store location.