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ProElite Black and Gray Low Back Faux Leather Seat Cover Set 2 Piece

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Part # 840442-2
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The ProElite Black Astin Seat Covers provide excellent protection for your car seats against spills, stains, fading, tearing, dirt, crumbs, and pet hairs. This 2-pack seat cover set ensures comprehensive coverage, keeping your seats clean and well-maintained.

Designed with luxurious, two-tone faux leather and perforation, these seat covers add a touch of upscale elegance to your vehicle's interior. The combination of high-quality materials and stylish design enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your car.

The seat covers are equipped with safety stitch technology, allowing for the proper deployment of seat airbags. This safety feature ensures that your protection is not compromised, providing you with peace of mind during your journeys.

Cleaning the ProElite Black Astin Seat Covers is a breeze, making maintenance quick and convenient. You can easily clean them, keeping your seats looking fresh and free from dirt or stains.

With their universal fit, the Astin seat covers are suitable for most cars and SUVs. Whether you have a car, truck, or SUV, these seat covers offer a versatile solution for a wide range of vehicle models.

Upgrade your car's interior with the ProElite Black Astin Seat Covers. With their luxurious two-tone faux leather and perforation, easy installation process, and airbag safety, these seat covers provide both style and functionality for your car seats.

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    Excellent seat protection
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    Luxurious two-tone faux leather
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    Equipped with safety stitch technology
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    Easy and convenient maintenance
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    Universal fit for most vehicles