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Wagan Infra Heat Massage Magnetic Cushion

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You want the best-of-the-best cushion, look no more! With infrared heat, thermal heat, massage, lumbar support, and bio-magnets, the Infra-Heat Massage Cushion is your best choice. The ergonomic multi-zone remote control allows you to tailor the Heat and Massage to your liking. Choose thermal heat under your legs and/or infrared heat on your lower back with the press of a button. Bio-Magnets are strategically placed throughout the cushion and are thought to have positive health effects that can stimulate healing in targeted areas of the body including; the back muscles, legs, waist and arms. Bio-Magnets are a non-invasive form of therapy that is not painful and offer complimentary healing to other types of therapy. It is also believed that Bio-Magnets can help with better blood circulation in the body. The adjustable strap system allows you to securely fasten the cushion to your car seat, office chair, or your couch at home.
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    Thermal & Infrared Heat
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    Massages with 3 Intensity & 3 Patterns
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    Easy to Use Ergonomic Controller
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    AC & DC Adapters Included
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    Soft Material Folds for Easy Storage
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    Lumbar Support