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A/C First Charge R134a

Keep Cool With A/C Products From AutoZone 
Your vehicle's A/C system relies on R134a, a powerful refrigerant that keeps its internal cabin cool during the hottest of weather. Without it, you risk discomfort and even health risks when you drive around in sweltering weather. Maintaining your A/C assemblies in top condition require the best parts and supplies on the market. AutoZone is America's leading auto parts retailer and your source for the best A/C first charge R134a for cars and trucks. Stay cool no matter where you ride with first charge products from top-rated brands.

Refrigerant: An Important Key to A/C Function
To understand how your vehicle's air climate control keeps you comfortable when the mercury soars, a basic breakdown of its inner workings is helpful. While it does not create cool air, it removes heat and moisture from existing air to leave behind air at cooler temperatures. Refrigerant begins as a gas, but it's compressed and then cooled and condensed into a cold liquid. Once inside the evaporator, the cabin heat returns the refrigerant to a gaseous state so that it can absorb heat and move it out. Fans blow over evaporator coils to move cool air inside the vehicle. The coolant R-134a is key to this process, developed in the early 1990s as a replacement for the more environmentally detrimental R12 refrigerant.

Your Top Source for R134a Refrigerant
You already know that hot air from your vehicle's A/C means that you have a refrigerant problem. That's why you searched “A/C first charge R134a near me.” You're a DIYer who wants to fix the problem and get back on the road fast. AutoZone has exactly what you need to accomplish this goal. Our inventory includes first charge products designed with the right balance of coolant and pressure to ensure your climate control system works properly. For instance, AC Pro's 1st Charge R-134a contains ICE 32, a lubricant designed to extend the life of your air conditioning system. Besides giving your A/C the coolant it needs, it also lubricates new compressors and absorbs moisture to shield system components from corrosive damage.

High-Quality Parts and Accessories
AutoZone has the lowest prices on A/C first charge R134a, along with unbeatable deals on the parts, accessories, fluids and tools you need to keep your vehicle in great condition mile after mile. Of course, there's more to us than our extensive inventory. With fast shipping and convenient online order tracking, you never have to guess where your parts are or how soon you'll get them. For those tough jobs requiring specialty tools, our Loan-A-Tool service gives you access to the equipment you need to get your car or truck back on the road. Need extra help or recommendations? Just stop by your local AutoZone.