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1-17 of 17 Results


      Air Compressor

      A Must-Have for Modern Tools

      Air tools have long been changing and enhancing the way mechanics do their trade. Whether it's in a professional setting or you're a DIY car care pro, these tools have the ability to speed up any job and make the work that much easier, getting you the results faster and with less elbow grease needed. In order to use any of these tools, though, you'll need the best air compressors for cars and trucks to power them. Fortunately, we have the best models here at AutoZone, ready to ship out to your garage to make your repairs run more smoothly.

      How Do They Work?

      Air compressors are fairly simple machines that convert air pressure into mechanical energy that can be utilized by a wide range of tools. Despite the sometimes monumental differences that exist between different makes and models, these tools are, in their most basic form, built from 3 different components: the tank, where pressure is held, a motor that drives the process and a pump that moves pressurized air effectively from the tank to the proper tool safely. The motor typically runs on gasoline, diesel or electric power and works alongside a pressure monitoring switch to keep the pressure-holding tank full without reaching dangerous levels. When the sensor finds that the air pressure inside the tank has dipped below the minimum level, it'll switch on. Likewise, it turns the motor off when the pressure reaches the maximum level once again.

      Choosing Your Air Compressor

      While all air compressors share the motor, tank and pump features, that's often where the similarities stop. Finding the perfect tool for your needs boils down to understanding what you'll need from it. First, consider the machine's PSI and tank capacity. Both of these variables are crucial and should be considered closely in consideration with one another. A high PSI, for example, might not mean much if the tank holding the pressure isn't large enough to power your tools, and a large tank means nothing if it can't hold the proper amount of pressure. Flow is also a crucial factor. If the pump or other tools that come with your compressor can't effectively move air out of the tank, using your air-powered tools could be a struggle. Because there are so many variables, selecting an air compressor can be a challenge, but never fear. Searching “air compressors near me” will direct you to your nearest AutoZone store, where our knowledgeable associates can help you wade through our huge selection to find the perfect tool.

      Compressing the Cost

      We offer the lowest prices on air compressors of all shapes and sizes at AutoZone because we know that, for at-home mechanics, every dollar counts. Visit your local AutoZone shop or browse our online stock to get your hands on a new air compressor to power your most important tools without blowing through your entire life savings in the process.