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1-18 of 18 Results


      Oil Drain Pan

      Technically, you can drain oil into just about any container that will hold liquid. But if you use a non-specialized pan, you'll run into some trouble when it's time to dispose of the used oil. Plan ahead, and protect your garage floors with an oil drain pan from AutoZone. We carry a wide range of containers, from a simple oil drip pan to a sealed drain container, so no matter how much oil you need to drain or transport, AutoZone has the pans you need. You can even bring the used oil AutoZone, and we'll recycle your oil.

      Make your next oil change easy with an oil change pan from AutoZone. You can use it as an oil catcher, and as a container from transporting used motor oil for disposal. Whether you need a simple oil drip tray, a large drip pan, a 16 quart oil drain pan, or a high-capacity oil caddy drain tank, AutoZone has the portable oil drain container that you're looking for.

      Buy a plastic or metal oil drain pan from AutoZone.com and get free next day delivery on eligible orders, or pick it up in-store today.