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1-24 of 79 Results


      Oil Filter Wrench

      Find the Right Oil Filter Wrench at AutoZone

      You take pride in performing your own maintenance, even for simple tasks like oil changes. Like any professional, you can't get the job done if you don't have the right tools. Count on AutoZone for the best oil filter wrenches for cars and trucks. Check out our select and choose your wrenches from OEM and top-quality aftermarket brands like Performance Tool and SureBilt.

      The Best Tools Let You Do It Right

      Changing your own oil gives you a sense of accomplishment. You're not only handy, but capable of keeping up with much of your vehicle's maintenance. Yet nothing makes the job harder than an oil filter that's stuck in place or slippery on the outside. Good luck trying to screw it off with your bare hands. No matter how hard you try, you just can't get a good grip and pry the thing off. It can be frustrating when the only thing keeping you from getting back on the road is an oil filter wrench. Maybe yours is broken or it mysteriously grew legs and walked away. Either way, you're stuck without an essential tool and you can't get back on the road.

      Plenty of Choices

      So, you typed “oil filter wrenches near me” into your search bar and it led you to AutoZone. You made a smart move coming to us. We're America's leading auto parts retailer with a huge inventory of replacement components, aftermarket accessories and more. We stock an extensive inventory of wrenches in a wide range of styles including 3-legged, heavy-duty, cap, bulk, adjustable, standard and swivel. We also carry the pliers you need, crafted with sturdy handles and able to supply the torque you need while fitting into the tightest of spaces. When you need oil, oil filters, wrenches, gaskets, cleaning supplies and other gear, AutoZone has exactly what you need. Choose among conventional, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils from trusted industry brands such as STP, Valvoline, Castrol, Mobil and Quaker State. Our selection of oil filters and caps include models by AC Delco, K&N, Bosch, Dorman, Fram and many more top aftermarket names.

      Compatible With Your Budget

      Not only that, AutoZone has the lowest prices on oil filter wrenches both online and in-store. We offer great deals every day on all the gear and accessories you want. Enjoy great money-saving perks through our AutoZone Rewards program, allowing you to earn future savings on even more great gear. Don't forget that we also have the essentials for all your other maintenance and upgrade jobs, too. That includes aftermarket and OEM components along with testing equipment, garage tools, sockets, wrenches, oil absorbent, utility vacuums and more. Need a tool fast to get back in gear? Check out AutoZone's Loan-A-Tool program. For more expert assistance with oil changes, stop by your nearest AutoZone and talk to our friendly AutoZoners or place an order with us online.