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Snowbrush and Ice Scraper

Be ready for cold weather whenever it appears. Restore your visibility in icy weather with heavy-duty brushes and scrapers that make clearing your windshield easy.

Picture this: you’re walking to your driveway to drive to work only to find your windshield coated in frost and ice. If it’s snowing outside and you don’t have a snow brush for your car, clearing your windshield will take a very long time. Sure, you could idle your car and wait till the frost and snow melts away, but you could be waiting for a while. Possibly too long, depending on factors that range from when you need to get to work or how long you can run your car according to idling laws in your city and state. If you have a snow brush, clearing your windshield is quick and simple.

Heavy snow takes a long time to melt, but a snow brush can easily sweep away snow and scrape off ice that has frozen to the windshield. Our products are built to last so you can rest easy during cold winter nights, knowing that clearing off your vehicle will be a breeze in the morning.

We carry a variety of snow brushes and ice scrapers with foam grips to make snow removal easy. Buy a small 10” snow scraper that can be conveniently stored in the glove box or keep a longer snow broom in the garage. Our double ended snow scrapers include brushes with tough bristles for removing freshly fallen snow, 4” scrapers for breaking through thick ice, and leverage points for added power. We even sell telescoping brushes that can be collapsed for easy storage or extended when it’s time to clear your car windows.

Be ready for freezing temperatures and make getting snow off your car easy during the winter months. AutoZone has everything that you need. Clear up your windshield quickly with a tough ice scraper. We carry heavy duty scrapers from Hopkins, Mallory, and SubZero so you can get back on the road fast.