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      Spot Lights

      Choose the Right Light

      AutoZone carries the best spot lights for cars and trucks. When you are shopping for your vehicle, you need a store that you can trust. AutoZoners always put customers first. Each employee truly cares about people, and the common concern for each customer energizes others. Our stores look great and are organized for your convenience. If you want a place where you can get educated advice and find the spot light that is exactly right for your needs, check out AutoZone for a store full of people who strive for exceptional performance.

      Know the Cost

      We've got the best merchandise at the right price. Because AutoZoners always put customers first, we offer the lowest prices on spot lights. It is important to note, however, that the spot light you choose affects the cost of the product. Things to consider include the type of light, cord or cordless, flexibility of the product, and power. How long do you want your light to run? Would you like to be able to use it anywhere, or would you like to plug it in while using? Talk to an AutoZone employee about your preferences to figure out what your perfect spot light may cost you.


      LED stands for light-emitting diode. These lights work by giving off visible light when electrical currents pass through. This type of lighting comes with several benefits. First, LED lights are extremely energy efficient. They can use up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. Next, LED lights have a longer lifespan. If you want your investment in spot lights to last, LED bulbs are a great choice. The products can last up to 60,000 hours. Next, you do not have to worry about getting caught in the dark. Because LED lights od not have a warm-up period, your environment is lit instantly. What if you have to drive or check something out late at night in the winter? LEDs are not affect by cold temperatures, so you are covered.


      Now that you know the benefits of an LED spot light, check out the differences in power. When determining the strength and durability of your light, consider the wattage and the battery. A watt refers to the power in the electrical circuit. In other words, you use the amount of electricity equal to the wattage, and you get that amount of power out of your spot light. It is typical to have three watt spotlights, but it is possible to have 10 watt or more. Batteries are created differently, and give you different results. A lithium ion battery, for example, may stay charged as long as 12 months. Other batteries may need charging much more frequently, on the order of hours. How powerful and durable do you want your spot lights to be?

      Search spot lights near me to find an AutoZone that carries the product you are looking for. Let our eager employees help you today.